Talk to us First

Statistics indicate that 750,000 teenage girls in Ghana get pregnant every year. Majority of such pregnancies are terminated. The stigma associated with abortion often leads women to seek unsafe, clandestine procedures which usually have negative effects on their Reproductive Systems. Women who have abortions may face disapproval from their families and society at large and may want to avoid being seen or identified in a health facility.

Ghanaian law permits abortion in cases of rape, incest or the “defilement of a female idiot;” if the life or health (physical & mental) of the woman is in danger and she consents to it; or if there is risk of fetal abnormality. Ghana’s law on abortion is therefore said to be liberal.

Despite the fairly liberal abortion law, unsafe abortion remains common in Ghana. It is the second most common cause of maternal mortality, accounting for 11% maternal deaths in the country. Almost half (45%) of abortions in Ghana remain unsafe.

The odds of having a safe abortion are 77% lower among teenagers, and 60% lower among women in their 20s, than among older women. 30% of deaths among pregnant teens are because of botched abortions.

ACCOG believes that teenage pregnancy would not increase because society embraces it, but teen abortion could increase because society shuns it.

Talk to Us First (TUF) is therefore to reach out to Teenagers who get pregnant to come and discuss such pregnancies with us before taking a final decision. ACCOG in collaboration with some Hospitals shall give such teenagers all the necessary support.