Help us fundraise

help us fundraise
It’s never been easier to fundraise for us. Infertility activities in Developing Countries like Ghana do not attract the attention of major stakeholders since such countries are said to be poor, overpopulated, with high fertility rates etc. but you can help make a difference in the life of people living with infertility by contributing your quota or helping us fundraise.

We are a Non-Governmental Organisation and the fact is that we need funding to survive and continue to help people just like you. Quite simply, we need you. We are your charity, working to ensure anyone trying to conceive can find the right help and advice easily and in one place.

So if at any time you find yourself in a position to do anything to help, it would make such a difference to your charity and ultimately to everyone who needs our help now or in the future so kindly get involved.

You can help us fundraise through your programmes/activities Or simply make a Donation to ensure we can continue to provide quality services to everyone who experiences fertility problems.