Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Hon. Mrs. Dela Sowah has performed the launch of the

Walking Egg (tWE) affordable In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) fertility treatment. It was performed during the 2nd National Conference on Infertility/Childlessness which was held at the National Theatre, Accra, on Saturday April 25, 2015.

Mrs Sowah said the practice of surrogacy and other assisted reproductive technologies were becoming very prevalent in Ghana owing to the high number of childless couples and individuals.

She said the absence of a law to regulate the industry had resulted in many problems between surrogate mothers and intended parents. She therefore assured participants that her Ministry will work with other stakeholders to get the appropriate policies and laws in place.

In our society, marriage is not deemed successful till the couple become parents. Childlessness is a big problem in our society and gives some couples an emotional blow, with the wife, sometimes enduring taunts and insults from in-laws and the society at large.

Science has some hope in the form of infertility treatment for couples and individuals facing infertility who have lost hope. They can be counselled or assisted to undergo treatment for any of the assisted reproductive technology or to consider the option of adoption as an alternative.

She concluded by saying that the technology would bring relief to a lot of childless couples who could not afford the expensive options available.