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Nana-YawOn-History-of-ACCOGI welcome you to the website of the Association of Childless Couples of Ghana (ACCOG), a non-faith based NGO supporting people living with infertility in Ghana and beyond. The name ACCOG has been discussed thoroughly and maintained instead of the usual “nice” names like “Osei’s Foundation” etc. as a way of helping to solve the high stigma on infertility/childlessness in Ghana. It is our hope that very soon, our work will help demystify beliefs associated with infertility/childlessness so that people can freely discuss their problems with family members, friends, colleagues, religious leaders etc. when they are confronted with infertility. We are of the opinion that people are childless but not infertile (barren, unfruitful, sterile, unproductive, infecund, fruitless) since everyone can have a child these days when and if given the necessary support. To be childless simply means to be without an issue or a child.
ACCOG is a member of International Consumer Support for Infertility (iCSi) and its African Infertility Alliance (AIA). The vision for iCSi, a network of patient leaders from more than 40 countries across the world, is to empower patients to become full partners in ART healthcare and public policy by building effective relationships with providers, governments and media world-wide.
ACCOG therefore acts as a national voice in Ghana to bring the needs of people who benefit from Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) to public awareness.
I therefore call on all stakeholders to join us in helping to address the infertility situation in Ghana and beyond.

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2nd Floor, SSNIT Block, Ashaiman Roundabout, Accra OR Pentecost Hospital’s Fertility Centre, Madina Estate, Accra


Mobile :+233 (0) 233-331690